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Darkest night Trial admin application

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Darkest night Trial admin application

Post by Darkest Night on Sat Apr 16, 2016 7:15 pm

Steam id:STEAM_0:0:82536317

Rp Name:[❤XR❤]-Darkest Night

How old are you:13 in 3days 14

How many hours do you have on this server:15hours i was trial admin but jobs restet

How many hours do you have on gmod:1551hours

What is rdm: random deathmatch is a term used to denote when a player randomly kills other players without valid reasons. This was never a official term but was fan made. This can vary from situation to situation and are often defined by the servers. Usual penalties include banning, either permanent or temporary, or an admin using the Slay command to kill the guilty party,which in most cases to the player can be seen as unfair.

what is Nrl:new life rule After you are killed, you don't remember anything that happend! You are living a NEW LIFE! So do not walk back somewhere after you die.

what is fail rp: failrp if guys say in a airport I GOT A BOMB and they don't yet,the security will still go and arrest them ,if they say I ROBBED A BANK,you will call the cops or whichever so fail rp is FAILED RP so HOW IS IT not.

what is meta gaming: metagaming Is when one transfers RP data to Non Role-play data, usually via "OOC" It is usually against server rules and is a bannable offence.

what is fear rp: fearrp is is the concept that your character is afraid to die. This concept is most commonly used in DarkRP, but it is also used in other gamemodes such as HL2RP. In most servers that use this, it is against the rules to pull out a weapon or attempt to run away when your character has a gun aimed at it. This concept is mainly used as an attempt to make roleplay gamemodes such as DarkRP more realistic.

what rank do you want on server:Trial Admin.

why do you want to be mod must be (50) words:well im wont be Trial admin because  i was trial admin but jobs reset so im reapplyng again also im friendly very helping community whos its feel bad im help him.

Darkest Night

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